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Judy Jordan | Artist Statement

I believe that artistic development is the opposite of what is commonly thought, that of putting in years of struggle by mastering a particular medium or "ism". For me it is a matter of seeking ease by discarding whatever feels uncomfortable, unnatural, too messy, too neat, too difficult, too pretty, too ugly or too awkward. It is a perpetual trying out of subjects, techniques, and mediums. What is left to build on can be used as a base while the seeking and discarding process continues. The figurative sculptures that I have been working on are a distillation of this ongoing process. These simple structures employing mosaic and mixed media embody my involvement in a kind of portraiture and journaling.

Mosaic and Mixed Media | Series

After working with the figures for a long time, I began to want to bring them out into the world in the form of sculpture. Some stand and some hang on the wall. I use a myriad of techniques, materials and found-objects in the struggle to find their true and sometimes quirky personas.

Works on Paper | Series

I am a long-time sketch-journal keeper. The journals are filled with daily notes, lists, musings, ideas and drawings for possible art projects and sculptures. I have been using some of these drawings as source material to develop into stand-alone works on paper.